The clinical potential of Deprenyl 
in neurologic and psychiatric disorders

J Knoll

Journal of Neural Transmission
Supplement (Austria) 1996, -/48 (85-93)


This article reviews the results of clinical studies with Deprenyl in various neurologic and psychiatric disorders except Parkinson's disease. Promising results could be observed both in narcolepsy in a dose of at least 20 mg/day in three different trials and in one study of Tourette's syndrome including attention hyperactivity disorders using an average dosis of 8.1 mg/day. Controversial results were reported for Alzheimer's disease. On the one hand significant improvement of cognitive functions was found by various authors. On the other hand in a more recent study no effect on the progression of the disease could be observed. For depression a higher dosage of deprenyl between 30 to 60 mg/day appears to be necessary for effective treatment. No positive results were found in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and in tardive dyskinesias.

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